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PL Laser Module CNC

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CNC aluminum Made
Flashlight length - 88mm
Size - 88mm x 40mm x 36mm
Brightness - about 400 lumens
Mount base - 20mm
Battery - 2x CR123A battery (not included)
Target One DBAL-PL LED Flashlight with Red Laser IR Function.
Made by alloy metal and high density polymer.
Two Operational Modes: IR Mode, Visible Mode.
Function : Visible Red Laser / White Light LED 400 Lumens / IR Laser / IR Led Illuminator.
Mount on any 20mm RIS weaver rail and under rail of handgun & pistol.
Easy to install.
Operated by 2x CR123A battery.(not included)
Perfect for outdoor war game activities.

DBAL-PL with Class 1 IR Laser – Dual Beam Aiming Laser. The DBAL-PL is powered by two CR123 batteries, and features a general runtime of 1.75 hours. A multi-functional pistol aiming laser, the DBAL-PL attaches to any pistol with an underbarrel M1913 Picatinny rail, and features four outputs:
– Infared laser pointer
– Infared LED illuminator
– Red visible laser pointer
– LED white light

The DBAL-PL is housed in a hard anodized, machined 6061 T-6 aluminum body, waterproof up to 5 meters. Two buttons are present on an angled rearward-facing surfacing, located for quick access and easy to manipulate with or without gloves. One button, marked “VIS”, activates the visible laser and 400 lumen white light. The other button, marked “IR”, activates the infared laser and illuminator. The infared illuminator is largely effective out to 50 yards and visible to almost 100 yards, taking into consideration that the unit is designed for a pistol which will rarely be employed past 25 yards.

This light moduel with compact configuration of the various purposes and ismade ​​of reinforced plastic shell production. It has a built-in white LED light and Infrared Lighting that can be used in dark conditions and can work with night vision equipment.

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