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Nuovo Granata Airsoft Thunder B Blank Kit V2 Visualizza ingrandito

Granata Airsoft Thunder B Blank Kit V2


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Granata Airsoft Thunder B Blank Kit V2

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It is the first kit that turns your old Thunder B into an impact grenade. We are introducing a newly developed model with an improved version that shares the features as the original version:
  • Durable made of aluminum alloy;
  • Black color anodizing;
  • Instant and safe detonation;
  • Fully reversible;;
And even more:
  • The new ignition system is easier to interchange, more reliable, and easily replaceable
  • 360-degree sound diffusion with radial holes that increase sound capability
  • Improved compatibility with Thumber B and the cylinder sliding issue is completely eradicated
Kit includes:
  • Pin Assembly
  • Adapter for 9mm cartridges
  • Custom shell with magnetic trigger
No Thunder B parts are included in the kit

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