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Nuovo Tokyo Marui MP5A4 Next-Gen (NGRS EBB) Visualizza ingrandito

Tokyo Marui MP5A4 Next-Gen (NGRS EBB)


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Tokyo Marui MP5A4 Next-Gen (NGRS EBB) 

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650,00 € tasse incl.


Tokyo Marui MP5A4 Next-Gen (NGRS EBB) 

Realistic replica on a 1:1 scale.
Please note, only compatible with MP5 Next Gen magazines.
MP5A4 Next Generation, NGRS AEG replica with Recoil shock
system , automatic fire stop, 3-ball burst, silencer and integrated
protection mosfet.
Metal Upper Receiver.
Automatic firing stop.
3bb firing burst mode.
Dry Firing system allowing empty firing:
cock the cocking lever 3 times in less than 2 seconds to activate
the mode.
14mm. CCW silencer adapter provided.
30 > 72bb adjustable capacity magazine.
Inner barrel: 235mm.
Lenght: 680mm.
Weight: 2780gr.

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